Antonio Villa: music composer for Films, TV, Videogames and Commercials.

My Story

Every story has a beginning, so i would say my journey started when i accidentally listened in the radio to "Moonlight Shadow" and my mind got blown up by the Mike Oldfield´ song. I guess Beethoven and John Williams did the rest later.

When I finished my first bachelor´s degree (check my education section for further details), i started to work as music teacher at the same time i started to create music for small dramas and audiovisual works, and soon i understood what i wanted to do in life.

My mission

Finally, after completing my Master´s Degree in Music Composition i felt i was ready to found Antvil Studios, with the mission of creating the best possible music for my customers, tailoring my works around the needs the creators, always aiming for the highest quality possible.



Knowledge is the key that provides the tools to meet the customer´s demands with the highest standards.


In Antvil Studios we have a deep commitment with quality, aiming always to provide an unique product to our customers, tailoring the compositions around your creative needs.


We understand the media business and focus on meeting our customer´s demands as well as in the budget as in the schedule, becoming a reliable partner in your creation process.